Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thoughtful Thursday - Make Your Bed

Good morning all!! I hope you're doing well today!  It's the 2nd FULL day of school today and the young scholars are on their way.  Our morning routine is pretty basic: get up, get dressed, brush your hair and teeth, make your bed, feed your animals, have a great day! 

The question arose "Why is it such a big deal to make my bed, if I'm just going to crawl back into it tonight anyways?"  The man child did make a good point, however there is always method to my madness. "The reason", I responded, "is because no matter what happens throughout today, no matter how good or bad, you'll have accomplished at least one productive thing. And hopefully, that one thing will lead to other productive and good things." He accepted that answer and went about his task.

But it got me thinking......

Isn't it amazing how our outlook in the morning (from the moment we step foot out of bed) dictates the kind of day we'll most likely have?  I find that when I have set myself up for a rough day, it takes an act of congress to turn it around.  So, I try really hard to make it a positive start.  What better way than to be able to say "I'm clean. I'm dressed. I've had breakfast. My bed is made, and I am ready to take on this day!"

So, get up and get dressed! Eat a good breakfast. Make your bed and go tackle this day!

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I hope you have a super fabulous one my friends!! Thank you so much for all your love and support!  You're such a blessing to me. :-)

Until Next Time,
Happy Crafting!


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