Tuesday, April 7, 2020

It's a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Hello my friends! How are you?  I have something fun and exciting to share with you today!

I'm doing my first ever (hopefully annual) VIRTUAL Easter Egg Hunt!

Ok friends, here's how it works:

I have 10 bags of Easter Eggs (12 eggs in each bag).  6 of those eggs are filled with yummy candy.  The remaining 6 eggs could be filled with Stampin' Up product, FREE Shipping, Gift with Purchase, or other amazing coupons! 

There are a lucky few bags, however, that contain a GOLDEN EGG!
If you are lucky enough to choose a bag that contains the Lucky GOLDEN EGG, you will find a certificate for a FREE STAMP SET OF YOUR CHOICE ($25 value)!!!!! 

That's right! I will buy you a stamp set of your choice if you find the Lucky GOLDEN EGG!

Of course, even if you don't find a Lucky GOLDEN EGG, the prizes and treats are worth the cost of the bag. :-) So, EVERY bag is a winner!

How do you get your hands on one of these bags? 


Simply comment below, pm me on Facebook, Call or Text me at (423) 415-8432 and let me know you'd like to purchase a bag of Eggs. I'll let you know which numbers are left to choose from.  You pick one and pay $20. I will mail you the bag full of goodies! 

If you win a Lucky GOLDEN EGG, You'll have to pm or text me a photo of you holding up your egg and the winning certificate, and let me know which stamp set ($25 value) you'd like to have. I'll get it ordered and sent directly to you! :-)

So, If you'd like to choose a bag and get some treats as well as a chance to win a Lucky GOLDEN EGG, just let me know!

Hurry While Supplies Last!!!

Until Next Time,
Happy Crafting!

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