Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dino Days Are Here

Good morning my friends! It's time for CASE-IT Wednesday!  Well, actually, I'm doing this on Thursday and retro dating it back to Wednesday because I THOUGHT I posted it, but turns out I only saved it. lol. DOHT!!

So Sorry about that! 

This week's CASE-IT Wednesday comes from Page 99 of the 2019-2020 Annual Catalog. That adorable little Dino Days bundle is too cute to resist!

My specific project is that super sweet little "Just hatched" card.

I tweaked mine just a little bit and put it on a note card instead of a full sized card, but the results are still super similar and oh so cute!

To see my version of this card, check out my video.  If you're not already a subscriber to my channel, please consider clicking that subscribe button. :-) 

Try out that "FRINGE" technique with your ribbon. It's a really cool technique and opens up a world of possibilities for your projects! And, it's incredibly fun and satisfying! hehe. 

I hope you enjoy today's errrrrr, yesterday's project! hehe

Until Next Time,
Happy Crafting!

If you'd like to purchase any of the supplies I used for today's project, simply click one of the images below to be take directly to my website!

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